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Alfa Romeo’s Head-Turning Beauty

“Bellissimo”. It’s the Italian word for beautiful. This is what best describes the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. Portrayed by Alfa Romeo as the “epitome of Italian style and technical performance”, the spectacular sports car will be available in Australian show rooms from November 2015.

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The 4C Spider is certainly a vehicle for driving enthusiasts. With carbon fibre featuring throughout it’s design, thin glass on the windscreen and windows to save weight, and a punchy 1.75 litre turbo engine feeding it’s rear wheels that propels the little Italian rocket from 0-100 in around 4.5 seconds.

The cabin can be noted as being quite noisy, and the competition seats may not offer the best support for long distances, hinting at signs of a race car design rather than a luxury cruiser.

The Spider is differentiated from the coupe with its 7kg roof which simply rolls up and is stored in a luggage department behind the engine. Its probably not designed for long distance driving holidays, however, with a boot that serves more as a retrospective design feature.

Although pricing on the new Spider variant is yet to be confirmed, rumours suggest that it will be priced more than the coupe version, which currently retails from $89,000. And with competitors such as the Lotus Elise and Porsche Boxster, it’s pitching itself against some fierce rivals.

Whilst Australian allocations of the 4C coupe are currently sold out, the availability of the new Spider variant is expected to be freer than it was for the coupe counterpart. And given ProNovate’s fleet pricing and procurement service, our clients will get every chance to be the first in line to get this new piece of craftsmanship.

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