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Are you Heading Back to Work?

With social distancing limits being enforced on public transport, commuters are turning to their cars to get to work safely. Read more to find out how you can benefit from this.

In NSW alone, to help with social distancing the state government has announced a maximum capacity limit on public transport. 12 people per bus and 32 passengers per train carriage. This leaves a lot of uncertainty for those who are travelling into the office for work. Waiting for the bus or train only for it to turn up at maximum capacity can cause hesitation and frustration for employers and employees.

As a result, commuters are turning to their personal transport to avoid these issues. The used car market has reported an increase in enquiries and sales in the month of May, following lower than normal figures in April. New car sales also dropped by 48% compared to March on the back of the global pandemic and job uncertainty. Now with restrictions easing, new and used car sales seem to be on the rise with many dealers reporting an increase in sales and enquiries. The drop off in March and April has resulted in an abundance of stock for both used and new car dealers. Ever the optimist, Australian consumers look to be testing the water again.

ProNovate also witnessed a steep increase in online and phone enquiries in May compared to April. We want to help you get the best deal on your new and used car. On top of the regular savings of the GST you get on a Novated Lease (up to $5,100), ProNovate will also source the best price on all new cars. We use our relationships and reputation within our network of dealerships to ensure you get the greatest deal available. This principle also applies to used cars. Whilst there aren’t fleet discounts available on used cars, we can still negotiate with the dealership to find the right price for you. ProNovate offers a contactless experience starting from your initial enquiry all the way to the setup of your lease. We can also help arrange test drives and delivery of new cars, whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines.

So if you are one of the many workers driving into the office, get in touch with us on 1300 000 776 or to see how we can help you get “More Car for Less Money”

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