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Car News: Exciting News and Concepts from the Geneva Autoshow

The Geneva International Motor Show wrapped up towards the end of the month and included some amazing concept cars we can expect to hit production, quirky futuristic concepts that won’t ever leave the design phase, and new unexpected announcements from automotive manufacturers. Let’s jump into the highlights!

We have two concepts that were had previously covered in earlier articles, that have now been officially announced for production.


Jaguar I-PACE, Geneva 2018

Back in October 2017, we reviewed the all electric Jaguar i-Pace – spoilers, we loved it!

The Jaguar i-Pace was officially launched at the Geneva Motor Show, and is set to hit the roads soon, early predictions are a June 2018 release date – if it can hit that, it will beat our predicted availability by a month.


Honda at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

We also reviewed the all electric, Honda Urban EV Concept, and it’s reveal at the Tokyo Motor Show. Yes, we reused the image from last year, but we couldn’t get a good image from Honda for the Geneva show – not without execs standing in the background.

We predicted that the Honda Urban EV Concept would go to production, even with it’s odd, quirky, futuristic yet retro design. Well, the Honda Urban is no longer a concept, it’s been officially confirmed for production, and Honda will start taking orders at the start of next year. Honda has confirmed that there will be minor changes to the car to meet local compliance, like we predicted, but Honda plans to keep the car true to concept.

We had some shade being thrown after the Aston Martin Lagonda concept was unveiled at Geneva. Marek Reichman, head of design for Aston Martin Lagonda, threw down the gauntlet with, “Rolls-Royce and Bentley are Ancient Greece today.”  It was in response to Rolls Royce chief’s, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, claim that the agenda for the future of luxury mobility was set by Rolls Royce with the 103EX in 2016. He further elaborated that “since then, it has become clear that other car brands have acknowledged our vision, so much so that they have adopted most aspects, apart from the most visionary and radical”.

Who doesn’t love a bit of drama between rivals? Back to the Lagonda, it looks amazing, but let’s be critical here, there is a lot to the design which would never hit production. That doesn’t mean we are siding with Rolls Royce, the 103EX is just as absurd. They are both great futuristic designs, that will never move beyond concepts.

Jumping onto something very real, and very exciting…

BMW introduced the M8 Gran Coupe Concept. Unlike the concepts above, this design is basically production level and is to hit dealers July next year to become the flagship of the 8-series. BMW is in the process of killing of the 6 series, the 8 series will become it’s replacement. This series isn’t going to skim on luxury, performance and of course price. It looks decidedly BMW, shirking a lot of the futuristic designs for traditional BMW branded simplicity.

Also, look at that promo shot… the BMW M8 Gran Coupe is giving the honey badger a run for it’s money. The sheet of ice is cracking, the M8 Gran Coupe don’t care.

We couldn’t wrap up this very brief overview without covering the flying drone car concept made between Audi, Airbus and Italdesign. Audi is referring to it as a self driving car and passenger drone, as it is two separate solutions. The car is modular, the passenger cabin can attach to the driving base or to the drone, so that we can finally, finally, enjoy a future with flying cars like in the Jetsons.

There was far more exciting news from the Geneva International Motor Show, but we had room for only a few highlights. To find out more about what was unveiled at the show, use your Google machine, or follow us on Facebook.


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