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One of Australia's largest tyre, automotive service and repair retailers, Kmart Tyre & Auto Service has announced its nationwide rebrand to mycar!

Let’s uncomplicate the complicated.

If you are securing your own children in the car, of course you would be concerned with their safety. You have sacrificed peace and quiet, money, and countless hours sleep, raising your little hellions. You’ve even grown to become emotionally attached to the little goo machines, you may even love them. Or, perhaps you are an aunt/uncle, extended relation, or friend that needs to be able transport a young’un in their car safely on occasion – it wouldn’t be the best for your relationship if their mini-me comes to any harm.

You’ll notice that child car seats have become a fair bit more complicated since you have ridden in one yourself – but it’s not too complicated once you get through the marketing hype, and we’re going to help you on that.


The basics…

Child seat requirements change with age, through four stages:

Rear facing up to 6 months Rear [...]

We often hear about how self-driving cars will minimise accidents and save lives, but there is far more to the picture. Potentially, self driving cars can negatively impact your health, and can these impacts number more than the lives saved? We don’t want to paint autonomous driving technology as a negative, but there are both positive and negative health implications to the shift, as with any shift in technology, especially if it adds to ‘convenience’.

We’re going to asses using the perfect scenario, where the car drives 100% of the time and we are relegated to simply a passenger, not needing to interfere when conditions change, traffic, etc. Of course there are inherent challenges in the development of the technology, even some unique to Australia (such as recognising the erratic hopping movements of kangaroos), and we are always at risk of the emus waging another war, and the last one didn’t go so well. Yet, [...]

This year we want to take a deep dive into car safety, explain the importance of various car safety features, and importantly cut through the marketing hype.
We’re going to talk facts, try to simplify some of the industry jargon, and help you identify between standard offerings and the unique safety features that you should get excited about.

Before we begin, there are two terms that you should know – Active and Passive Safety. Active safety features are there to help you avoid an accident, such as better brakes, rear vision mirrors, or electronic stability control. Passive safety measures are there to protect the driver, passengers, and pedestrians during a collision, such as crumple zones, seatbelts, and airbags.

So let’s tackle how car safety began until now. We could start in 1861 [...]

Blue Tyres - Kara

It’s not uncommon to have misaligned wheels, but it’s easy to check, and quick to fix. Left unattended it could be costing you money, and affecting the performance of your car.

Wheel misalignment is often gradual and occurs over time from hitting potholes, kerbs, driving on uneven surfaces, as well as general wear and tear. You may not notice the gradual shift over time.

What are the signs of wheel misalignment?

Uneven wear on your tyres Off centre steering wheel when driving straight Vehicle pulling off the left or right

Misalignment can affect the performance of your car, but it also costs you money. Instead of even wear over the tyre and a normal lifespan, wear is focused onto a smaller part of the tyre, shortening its lifespan.


Between the Takata airbag recall and Kobe Steel’s falsified data scandal, it has not been good news for the quality of Japanese products, but further, these two issues can affect your car and put your safety at risk.

Follow these guidelines to quickly check if you’re at risk, and to be able to get additional information as it’s made available.

Takata Airbag Recall

2.4 million cars in Australia are estimated to be affected by the Takata recall, and this airbag fault has been confirmed to have led to fatalities and severe injuries. So, what is it, and how can you find out if you’re at risk?

Airbags work by using ammonium nitrate, but issues happen if it’s exposed to moisture. The faulty Takata airbags degrade over time, and in accidents when the airbag deploys, the metal cannister holding the ammonium nitrate explodes sending shards of metal shrapnel outwards, causing in some cases lethal [...]

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