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Honda has big plans for the future. The Frankfurt and Tokyo Motorshows closed off 2017, with Honda grabbing headlines with stand-out concepts, not only for electric vehicles, but further innovations outside of their traditional automotive offerings. Honda’s view of the future, is cute, quirky, with a decidedly Japanese feel, and we’re excited.

We love a powerful car, and we get hypnotised by videos of a car winding through a long (usually European) landscape, or zipping through a cityscape, handling tight corners and looking like it just owns the road. We love a car that exudes performance, screams luxury (even at an affordable price tag), and promises excitement. Then these concepts came along and offered something new, something a little different, something a bit less serious, and a lot more… fun.

Let’s jump into the Honda Urban EV Concept – somehow marrying the delightful nostalgia of Honda’s 1970’s hatchbacks, with a cute quirky futuristic EV. What [...]

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