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We often hear about how self-driving cars will minimise accidents and save lives, but there is far more to the picture. Potentially, self driving cars can negatively impact your health, and can these impacts number more than the lives saved? We don’t want to paint autonomous driving technology as a negative, but there are both positive and negative health implications to the shift, as with any shift in technology, especially if it adds to ‘convenience’.

We’re going to asses using the perfect scenario, where the car drives 100% of the time and we are relegated to simply a passenger, not needing to interfere when conditions change, traffic, etc. Of course there are inherent challenges in the development of the technology, even some unique to Australia (such as recognising the erratic hopping movements of kangaroos), and we are always at risk of the emus waging another war, and the last one didn’t go so well. Yet, [...]

This it the car that can make or break the Genesis brand. What about the previously released G90 and G80? These relied heavily on the Hyundai Genesis brand, this is the first car to go to market as only Genesis.

Hyundai, poached some heavy hitters to create the flagship model that is going to propel the Genesis brand without the Hyundai branding to prop it up. Albert Biermann, ex-BMW vice-president of engineering, defected to Hyundai after 32 years with BMW. He is known for his work on BMW’s iconic M Division, you can see touches of BMW all over the Genesis G90. You may even see hints of Bentley, Audi and/or Lamborghini from designer Luc Donkerwolke. You’ll also see much of it’s Kia Stinger sibling, including the same engine, and built [...]

No, that’s not a badly photoshopped image, that’s a Tesla Roadster in Space!

If you have missed the news, Earth’s resident crazy scientist / real-life Tony Stark, and his company SpaceX, conducted their first launch of the world’s most powerful rocket. This rocket didn’t just launch into space, it delivered a Tesla Roadster, with an astronaut dummy passenger, on a one-way trip into space. You may know Elon Musk as the CEO/Founder of a list of world changing innovative companies: PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity, Hyperloop, OpenAI, and Neuralink.

What should grab your attention about this story is that the car you can now watch on livestream, soaring through space, is the new Tesla Roadster.

We didn’t think there was much room left in the compact SUV market, but Mitsubishi has carved itself out a space. Though there are many competitors aiming for this market sweet spot, Mitsubishi has banked on them being a little off centre, either too expensive, too large, too cheap, using too much fuel, or somehow just not the right fit. It looks like the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross may have hit that market sweet-spot dead centre.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross landed at the end of 2017, smack bang in the middle of Mitsubishi’s now formidable SUV range – between the ASX and the Outlander. The name gives you a hint that this car isn’t exactly a traditional SUV, the Eclipse moniker is from Mitsubishi’s 1990 – 2012 coupe, and the Cross denotes that this is a SUV-coupe crossover.

As for pricing, the Eclipse Cross offers a front-wheel drive LS (starting at $30,500), the Exceed 2WD (starting [...]

hyundai i30n landscape

The i30 has been a solid performer, the next iteration, the i30 N, ready to hit Australia in early 2018, is the first real step in Hyundai shifting its brand from simply affordable, to affordable performance.

This has been a while in the making. Hyundai has been poaching from the ranks of BMW, AMG, Lamborghini and more, as part of achieving what hopefully the N series will start – a performance version of a daily drive. Of note, Albert Biermann, formerly from BMW heading their M division, is very much seen as the architect of the Hyundai N series – and it shows in the design changes.

So what is the i30 N?
hyundai i30n exhaust


A ute-based SUV offers the size and power of a ute, the benefits of a consumer vehicle, as well cost savings you may not have considered – savings that could easily add up to over $10,000, over the life of the car. We’re not alone in seeing the financial benefits in shifting from a ute to SUV – ute-based SUV offerings are growing with demand.

This month images of the new Nissan Navara based SUV have leaked online as the unnamed model is slated for production. This model may be unlikely to hit the Australian market, but you won’t miss it, as we already have a large offering of ute-based SUVs with more to come. Popular models already on the market include the Ford Everest, Holden Trailblazer, Isuzu Mu-X, Mitsubishi Pajero [...]

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