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New Year Run Out Sales

New Year, New Car. With 2020 well and truly underway, I am sure you have seen or heard car manufactures spruiking their end of year run out sales. If you have been waiting for the right time to purchase a new car, now might be the time for you.

What are Run Out Sales?

Car dealerships are looking to clear all of their 2019 plated models to make way for 2020 build cars. The 2019 build cars are the exact same car but as little as one month older, with bonus discounts from the Manufacturers to help Dealers make room for 2020 build cars. Think of it like buying a snow jacket in summer, you can usually find them at bargain prices at the end of the [...]

One of Australia's largest tyre, automotive service and repair retailers, Kmart Tyre & Auto Service has announced its nationwide rebrand to mycar!

On the surface, a Novated Lease can seem like a perk that is just too good to be true, which is why there seems to be a lot of questions and especially a lot of myths surrounding Novated Leasing. We here at ProNovate have traveled down the rabbit hole, forum after forum, reading people’s bad experiences at the hands of companies that don’t care. Some have been misinformed or aren’t aware of changes that have occurred in the industry. There are a lot of myths that surround this fantastic benefit which is [...]

With the 2018/2019 EOFY coming to an end, I am sure you have inevitably seen on TV or heard on the radio about your local car dealers EOFY sales telling you to “act quick or miss out on a once a year sale” … 

EOFY sales are usually a push to clear out as much stock as possible, to increase sales figures for dealerships before their EOFY reporting. In doing so you might think you can get yourself a fantastic deal if you wait until June.

What people tend to lose sight of is that if you are purchasing a new car through ProNovate, you get access to large corporate [...]

We are excited to announce that Kmart Tyre and Auto Service have joined ProNovate as a supplier.

What does this mean? As part of your ProNovate car care plan you have gained access to a discount of 10% on servicing, and up to 10% on select brands of tyres, with Kmart Tyre and Auto Service.

This includes:

Vehicle servicing Tyres, wheel alignment, wheel fitting, wheel balancing Brake inspection, repair and replacement Batteries, battery testing and battery replacement Suspension


And it’s so convenient! We all know that getting the car serviced, or a new set of tyres, can fall down the priority list, often delayed and left to the last minute.

To get your ProNovate discount on Kmart Tyre and Auto Service, remember to use the following booking link:

You [...]

Sydney Streets

Who doesn’t love something for free? How much are you paying on tolls weekly, because next year, this may add up to free car rego.

For NSW drivers that have to regularly commute and pay tolls, on July 2018, a scheme starts to help reduce your cost of owning a car. Drivers, that pay $25 or more weekly on tolls, get free registration. To receive free registration, on July 2018, you would have been spending $25 or more per week on tolls, for the 12 months before (July 2017 – July 2018).

So far this scheme is only set for NSW and will primarily only benefit Sydney drivers, but it’s timely with more tolls in the pipeline – the controversial WestConnex is under construction as well as the proposed Northern Beaches [...]

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