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The ProNovate office will be closed over the Labour Day Long Weekend. We will be back on Tuesday the 5th of October and we will respond to any emails and calls upon our return.

ProNovate is very excited to announce our new partnership with Pickles to offer ProNovate clients a safe and smart way to sell your car.

Introducing DIYinspect. DIYinspect is a free self-inspection app developed by Pickles which allows you to have your car inspected remotely to receive an offer of purchase, all from the convenient location of your own home.

Make sure you enter PRONOVATE as the promo code to ensure your inquiry gets the VIP treatment.

To find out more information, please read below:

Someone forgot to tell these manufacturers that you aren’t meant to post record sales during a pandemic. It’s not all doom and gloom, especially in the car industry. Value for money cars are on the rise in Australia and some car manufactures have bucked the trend and posted better than expected sales figures. The government instant asset tax write off has shown to be very popular, particular for utes and the brand new Toyota HiAce. But what has been great to see is the increase in what the experts are calling “Holiday Cars”. Due to the global pandemic, Australians are being encouraged to holiday at home and this shows when you look at the recent sales increase in SUV’s and value for money cars.

The Nissan Patrol posted an increase in sales for the past three months in a row and whilst deliveries of the Toyota LandCruiser dropped by 10 percent, that was [...]

With social distancing limits being enforced on public transport, commuters are turning to their cars to get to work safely. Read more to find out how you can benefit from this.

In NSW alone, to help with social distancing the state government has announced a maximum capacity limit on public transport. 12 people per bus and 32 passengers per train carriage. This leaves a lot of uncertainty for those who are travelling into the office for work. Waiting for the bus or train only for it to turn up at maximum capacity can cause hesitation and frustration for employers and employees.

As a result, commuters are turning to their personal transport to avoid these issues. The used car market has reported an increase in enquiries and sales in the month [...]

In light of COVID-19 and ongoing Government announcements, we want to assure you that it is business as usual at ProNovate and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Our staff are working remotely with full access to the usual systems, allowing us to continue to serve clients whilst playing our role in flattening the curve. We are monitoring the situation daily, but we wanted to let you know what measures we are taking to ensure it is Business as Usual.

Reimbursement Times still just 1 Business Day

Our industry leading reimbursement times will still be processed within 1 business day. Please make sure you download the ProNovate app for Apple and Android so you can take photos on the go and upload your receipts.

Financiers Still Approving Novated Leases

Nothing has changed with the speed and efficiency of credit applications, in fact, we are seeing a significant number of people applying for new [...]

Life moves at a very quick pace. One day you’re attending your high school graduation, then in the blink of an eye, you are moving into your first rental apartment. Blink again and you’re walking down the aisle with the love of your life and before you know it its 7am and you’re trying to keep warm and dry while the kids are playing weekend sport.

When life changes, so do your needs. This includes the car that sits in your garage. Your beloved Golf R isn’t going to make the cut when it comes to family camping trips. So, what car should you get to help you through those life changes? The team at ProNovate has put together a guide to help you choose.

According to the RSPCA, there are over 29 million pets in Australia,. That means we have some of the highest pet ownerships in the world. 40% of Australians have a dog as their furry companion with 27% choosing cats. You don’t have to look any further than Instagram and Facebook to see how much love there is for our 4-legged friends.

As a paws-itively pet loving office, this got us thinking about travelling with pets, in particular dogs. After long discussions, plenty of horrible animal puns and animated arguments about whether cats or dogs make better pets (Im-paws-ible to decide), we have put together a ruff (last one, I promise) list of the best cars for pets and some tips when travelling with pets.

Best Cars for Your Pet [...]

New Year Run Out Sales

New Year, New Car. With 2020 well and truly underway, I am sure you have seen or heard car manufactures spruiking their end of year run out sales. If you have been waiting for the right time to purchase a new car, now might be the time for you.

What are Run Out Sales?

Car dealerships are looking to clear all of their 2019 plated models to make way for 2020 build cars. The 2019 build cars are the exact same car but as little as one month older, with bonus discounts from the Manufacturers to help Dealers make room for 2020 build cars. Think of it like buying a snow jacket in summer, you can usually find them at bargain prices at the end of [...]

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and if you listen closely enough, Michael Bublé and Maria Carey are waking up from their hibernation to fill our ears with soulful and catchy Christmas tunes.

The lead up to Christmas is always an expensive and stressful time of year but ProNovate can help you free up the equity in your current car and step you into the new car you have been thinking about. One of the biggest reasons our clients love us is the huge discounts we receive on new cars, through our fleet network. We can also help you trade in your current car and the money you make from the sale of your car goes straight into your back pocket, tax free! What better timing to [...]

Where will it stop? Nobody knows, especially in the Australian car market.

In an economy which is seeing a decrease in the number of new cars purchased in 2019, a lack of infrastructure and little to no government subsidies, taking a leap of faith onto the electric rainbow road is seemingly further and further away.

When we started writing this article towards the end of April, we never thought that by the time Election Day was upon us, this would be one of the focus points with both parties going back and forth in a war of words, even though they are effectively spruiking the same policy.

There is currently a chicken and egg situation when it comes to the purchase of EV’s in Australia. In [...]

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