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Choosing your Roadside Assistance

Perhaps one of the most easily overlooked areas for vehicle owners in Australia is Roadside Assistance. Roadside Assistance is a cost-effective way of protecting you and your family from breakdown, towing, flat tyres and dead batteries to name a few.

Roadside Assistance Edited

Whilst many new vehicles will come with complimentary roadside assistance, some manufacturers either don’t include it, or may only include it for just the first year. So to avoid being stranded, here are some key tips to consider when getting your roadside assistance:

1. Don’t be out of pocket – All ProNovate clients will be able to have the roadside assistance expenses reimbursed to them through the Car Care Plan. This ensures that you are not out of pocket and will received tax benefits on the annual price.

2. Check your Term – Always check your current package against the term of your lease. For example, if your manufacturer has only included one year of roadside assistance and you have a three year lease, speak to ProNovate about how to cover yourself in the second and third year.

3. Annual Call Outs – different providers will allow a different amount of call outs each year. Be careful as whilst many providers allow unlimited call-outs, some providers only allow up to 4 and additional fees can be incurred.

4. Emergency Key Service – Ever locked yourself out of your car? You will be surprised how often this can happen. Most roadside assistance will include this service as part of their package, but be sure to check if you have this included.

5. Towing Limit – If you’re ever in the unfortunate position of requiring a tow, you will appreciate having a generous tow limit as part of your roadside assistance. Ensure that your roadside assistance provider includes country towing as part of their service, and that their tow limit is adequate. Some providers may only allow up to 25 km’s.

6. Note down the Number! – When all is said and done, roadside assistance cover is useless if you do not have the contact information saved on your phone. Ensure that all regular drivers of the vehicle have the roadside assistance number saved in their phone, or even write it on a piece of paper and keep it in the car for easy access.

Remember that whilst roadside assistance should hopefully be something that you never have to call upon, it is certainly worthwhile. For any questions about how to include roadside assistance in your Car Car Plan please contact us on 1300 000 776.

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