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Concept Feature: Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept

Those lights, that grill, that rose gold paint job – you can see why the new Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept car has grabbed our attention. At first we feared to hope that such a sexy looking car would hit production, but looking at the information coming out of Lexus – our dream might be coming true. If this car does hit production, it will be with a few tweaks and a longer wait than some of the other concept vehicles we have reviewed. A few months ago we reviewed the Honda Urban EV Concept, now no longer a concept, and officially confirmed for production in late 2019. From what we have seen with the Lexus LF-FC, we can expect a 5 year cycle from concept announcement to production – we expect the same for the LF-1 Limitless.

A five year wait may be perfect timing for the Limitless, it is aggressively futuristic but without the overzealous finishing found on the Lexus UX Concept, which made it look cheap. Even if the Lexus LF-1 Limitless does not hit production, much of the design will carry onto the upcoming LX generation, which we are excited to see.

Inspired by the traditional Japanese katana, the external design is eye catching with strong angles but also smooth transitions, making the car appear as if it was molded from one piece of liquid metal. Personally we see other influences, the design is reminiscent of a hybrid between a cylon from Battlestar Galactica and the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

Still don’t see it? How about with this night shot?

Let’s talk specs for this coupe SUV crossover. Details so far are scant, we don’t have confirmation on whether this vehicle is petrol, electric, hybrid, etc. Looking at the Lexus line-up, and Lexus’ commitment to a fully EV drive-train available in all models by 2025, it’s likely that Lexus will offer all three as options.

For an SUV-coupe hybrid, Lexus have taken an interesting step with how low the car sits. The Lexus LF-1 Limitless is touted as fitting the growing demand for luxury SUV’s, but for SUV traditionalists, there isn’t much utility in this vehicle. We are not complaining, the exterior of this car is all luxury. We can’t go much deeper into specs, there isn’t much confirmation on the guts of the Limitless, but there are certain things we can expect from a luxury SUV. The Limitless is likely to have all of the new safety bells and whistles to assist the driver in navigation and avoiding accidents, and looking at the trends in the market, is likely to offer fully autonomous driving. We can expect it to have some grunt behind it, this won’t be a sluggish car. The Tesla Model X would have already hit the market before a production ready Limitless LF-1 is likely to be announced, the performance of the Tesla will likely influence the performance targets Lexus will set for the Limitless.

This review isn’t all rose-gold tinted glasses. The interior is off the mark. The exterior looks like polished elegance, in no way is it understated, but, the lines are simple and smooth, forgoing the flourishes that would make the design appear cheap or overdone. The interior is another story. We are going to break the fourth wall here a little bit here… but this story will illustrate how we feel about the interior of the car.

There came a time when this writer grew up in one of the outer suburbs of Sydney, where it was rare to venture into the city. ‘Why would we?’ They would ask, ‘the RSL has everything.’ Yet one night, a group of us ventured out into the city for the first time as adults who could legally drink. The objective was to have a ritzy night out, we have visions of being like the girls in Sex in the City. We toddled in high stilettos we could barely walk in, getting blisters before we even stepped into the casino. We wore black dresses covered in diamantes and wore every bit of ‘sophisticated’ $5 jewellery we had access to. We were accessorised until there was no more space to accessorise. Someone was even wearing a tiara. We looked garish. We did not look like the sophisticated ladies on the town that we envisioned ourselves to be, though we did have plenty of fun sipping overly expensive cocktails (plenty of cosmopolitans of course!).

The interior is reminiscent of that cringe-worthy memory. It is still fun and funky, but it doesn’t fit a luxury car. It’s like the designer had an understanding of luxury, but just couldn’t pull it off. Luxury is refined, understated. In a luxury car the materials, finish, and exquisitively designed functionality are married with a holistic polished design that makes the beauty seem effortless. The interior of the Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept screams glitz, glam and naivety.  It looks like a cheap casino trying to appear expensive – too much sparkle and not enough substance. It’s not clear in the photo at this size, but those are little tiny lights covering various surfaces of the car, including embellishing the rose-gold embellishments.

Again, this is a concept car, and we expect that the interior will lose some of the glitz and glam as it gets refined for production, so we expect to see a more toned down interior in a production ready model. Ok, we are hoping for this to happen, because it’s a glaring lapse in design for a car that is just gorgeous overall to behold.

All in all we are excited! It’s a beautiful sexy concept. If this is the face of the future of driving, then sign us up!



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