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Electric Feature: Mercedes Benz EQC

The all electric EQC Mercedes Benz SUV has been confirmed to be hitting showrooms next year. Competition is coming for the Jaguar i-Pace … AND we have the Audi eTron also ear-marked for a 2019 Australian release! Soon we will have three heavy hitting luxury SUV’s hitting showrooms, to fight amongst themselves, and to take on Tesla.

Yes, it’s another SUV. The SUV market isn’t slowing down, but it’s also a good bet for an all-electric debut. The high profile of an SUV allows for a bigger battery, which means a bigger range. If SUV’s aren’t your thing, Mercedes Benz has an all-electric passenger car in the works to follow soon after, the EQA, which would be comparable in size to the A-Class… and there is more coming. Mercedes Benz is aiming to have 10 EQ models out on roads by 2022.

Does it look like it’s going to be a winner?

Externally, it’s a good looking car. Though, we may be nitpicking, but Mercedes Benz could be playing it a little safe with the external design. For an EV we wouldn’t mind seeing a little bit more design flair.

As for performance, it’s looking good. In 5.1 seconds the EQC hits 100km/h, topping out with an impressive max speed of 180km/h. With the higher profile, for a larger battery, it has a range of 450km. Add in 765Nm of torque and a 300Kw of combined output from the two electric motors at the front and rear axles – and we have some formidable stats to compete with the Jaguar i-Pace.

What is really outstanding is the interior. We love the look. This is the blend of futuristic and luxury that we want to see in a Mercedes Benz EV.


What does it look like in regards to a price point? We are expecting the range to start at $100,000, ranging up to $150,000, to go head-to-head with the Jaguar i-Pace and the Tesla Model X. At that price point, it may not be affordable for the average Australian, but it’s not out of reach for fans of the Range Rover, Toyota Landcruiser or the Porsche Cayenne.

We can’t wait to see these cars hit Australian roads, but until then, we will leave you with this video from YOUCAR…




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