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EOFY Sales – All Year Round

With the 2018/2019 EOFY coming to an end, I am sure you have inevitably seen on TV or heard on the radio about your local car dealers EOFY sales telling you to “act quick or miss out on a once a year sale” … 

EOFY sales are usually a push to clear out as much stock as possible, to increase sales figures for dealerships before their EOFY reporting. In doing so you might think you can get yourself a fantastic deal if you wait until June.

What people tend to lose sight of is that if you are purchasing a new car through ProNovate, you get access to large corporate fleet discounts, all year round, saving you thousands of dollars. This means that you can tap into “better-than-EOFY” discounts every day of the year.

Whilst retail sale prices can fluctuate each month, depending on supplier bonuses and dealership KPI’s, fleet discounts remain reliable all year round. We often hear that “Fleet Departments are rewarded on volume, whereas Retail Sales are rewarded for the profit made on each deal”.

ProNovate has developed an Online Reverse Bidding Platform which simplifies the negotiation process, making it easy and hassle-free for you. This means that you get the best value, all the time. The dealerships only get one attempt to offer their best pricing, which means they will provide the biggest discount up front to guarantee beating the competition.

Our amazing prices are usually back within 24 hours and we have no pre-arranged pricing agreements, which means the dealership world is your oyster! Below are just some of the discounts from the past few months: 

Before you head on down to your local dealership, give ProNovate a call and let us prove to you how easy and exciting the buying process can be. To find out more information, please call 1300 000 PRO (776) or email

We also have an online calculator which gives you a detailed look into how much a Novated Lease can save you!

Keep an eye on next months article, where we will help clear up the common myths and misconceptions about Novated Leasing!

Real Client Feedback

“I was always made to feel from start to finish like i was the only customer being dealt with which made the whole experience that much better.” Mandy – Varsity Lakes, QLD

“Professional service, quick response”
Sharyn – Darwin, NT

If you can’t see the car of your dreams here, gives us a call on 1300 000 PRO (776) or email at 

Terms and Conditions*   

These figures used are correct at the time of sourcing. The numbers are subject to change.   Figures are based on a novated lease estimate for an individual earning $100k p.a., driving 15,000km/yr, over a 3 yr term, living in NSW. Individual circumstances may vary. ​​Savings are based on the Recommended Retail Price, driveaway (including stamp duty and registration costs). The images used for the vehicles shown are strictly for illustration purposes. These deals are subject to approved purchases only. All Utility vehicles have been calculated at 100% business use. Why? Utility vehicles are classified as commercial vehicles, we have an article explaining more, but also feel free to get in touch so we can answer any questions.

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