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Fleet Discounts – Save your friends and family $1,000’s

For years now we have been building our network of dealer contacts who we can rely on and trust to provide us with great service, fast delivery and most importantly, the best prices possible.


As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients, ProNovate are now happy to offer the same Fleet Discounts normally reserved for just our Novated Lease clients to their friends and family as well. Just get them to mention your name when they contact us and we’ll have at least three dealer prices for them within 48 hours – absolutely free of charge.

Discounts that actually Cost you Money

We do an awesome job of getting huge discounts for our clients on a wide variety of cars.

But our large dealer network and great negotiation skills are only part of the trick. It’s also about understanding the life cycle of vehicles and picking those cars that will hold their value and not punish you on resale.


For example, we’d probably advise against buying a Toyota Kluger right now as there will be an updated model in the next two months with a vastly improved engine and gearbox. Instead we’d suggest you either wait about six months until initial demand (and prices!) for the new model come down or take the Mazda CX-9 for a test drive this weekend! It’s a great car too with innovative technology, a reputation for reliability and it was a brand new model released within the last twelve months.


It also comes down to choosing a car with a “real” discount, not just a discount that anybody could get. Some manufacturers will purposely set their Recommended Retail Prices (RRP) artificially higher than they ever expect people to pay. Imagine you’re a Car Brand trying to compete against the established German brands, you might set a similar RRP but then allow ALL your salespeople to discount that price dramatically. That way people are amazed by the discount and be tripping over themselves to sign on the dotted line!


Instead we identify those cars where we can obtain “Special Discounts” above and beyond the discounts that anybody can obtain. In short, if everyone can get the same discount on a particular car then this translates into vastly reduced resale values. Even worse, you might be stuck with a car that nobody wants to buy at any price!


Next month we’ll talk about the difference between Retail vs Fleet Pricing models and why Fleet wins every time … You’ll even find that BRAND NEW Fleet Prices are lower than buying a Demo!

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