Free Fleet Pricing Service

Buying a car can be stressful at the best of times, with haggling, endless phone calls, test drives, and travelling between car yards, it’s no matter that “specialist” vehicle purchasing businesses have started to appear.

Such vehicle procurement businesses and car brokers source vehicles for customers for fees that are sometimes hidden in the discount, amounting in thousands of dollars lost.

ProNovate identifies the dealer quote and vehicle sourcing service as just a small part in the overall picture of  purchasing any new car, with finance, running cost management and insurance to name a few,  we are pleased to offer this service to our clients as a complimentary part of our standard suite of services.

As a result, the prices received by ProNovate’s clients are usually lower than what can be achieved when dealing directly with the dealerships, and are even known to undercut the car brokers at their own game.

In addition to ProNovate’s competitive edge on pricing, for any client that places the vehicle on the Car Care Plan, they will also enjoy the added benefit of not having to pay GST on the purchase price, saving our clients up to an additional $5,224.
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To find out more about what kind of discounts we can achieve on a vehicle that you are interested in, please complete the form below:

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