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Free Rego for Sydney Drivers that Spend $25/wk on Tolls

Sydney Streets

Who doesn’t love something for free? How much are you paying on tolls weekly, because next year, this may add up to free car rego.

For NSW drivers that have to regularly commute and pay tolls, on July 2018, a scheme starts to help reduce your cost of owning a car. Drivers, that pay $25 or more weekly on tolls, get free registration. To receive free registration, on July 2018, you would have been spending $25 or more per week on tolls, for the 12 months before (July 2017 – July 2018).

So far this scheme is only set for NSW and will primarily only benefit Sydney drivers, but it’s timely with more tolls in the pipeline – the controversial WestConnex is under construction as well as the proposed Northern Beaches tunnel (F6).

If you already have a novated lease, not to worry, we are ready for these changes, and to pass on these great savings.

As always, if you have any questions on how to take advantage of this new scheme, how to calculate your tolls across business and personal use, or what it means for your novated lease, contact our team.

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