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Fun Day Drives for the Holidays

Fun Day Drives for the Holidays

The holidays are here, the sun is out and it’s the perfect time to get in the car and escape your house, escape your neighbourhood, and get to see a bit of Australia. Here are some fun family friendly day trips, that won’t break the bank and give you a taste of adventure.

NEW SOUTH WALES – Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves

You probably have already been to the Blue Mountains before, but as everyone is rushing to the beach, it’s a great time to take a break and head the other way and visit the Jenolan Caves. These caves are often missed on a trip to the Blue Mountains, and they shouldn’t be, as it is an awe-inspiriting experience, and the scenery on the way can be just as beautiful.

Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains, Australia

The Jenolan Caves aren’t only the most complex cave structure in Australia, they are the world’s oldest known cave systems, dating to over 340 million years old. There are several caving experiences, from easy family friendly day trips to challenging adventure caving. To find out more about the Jenolan Caves visit

VICTORIA – Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay and the Otways

Instead of racing down the Great Ocean Road to fit the 12 Apostles on a day trip – there is so much more to see, closer to Melbourne. On the way to the Otways, there is Bells Beach, Skenes Creek, and then Apollo Bay. Perfect for stops on the way to enjoy a swim, a beachside picnic, or relax in the sun before reaching the Otways.


At the Otways you can visit the Otway National Park a beautiful rainforest, complete with easy walking tracks for beginners, longer walking trails for the adventurous, and waterfalls – where you can easily spend the whole day exploring alone. There is also Cape Otway, where you can enjoy beautiful views of cliff faces over sandy beaches, and visit Joanna Beach and Blanket Bay.

This is not to say the Twelve Apostles isn’t worth the trip, but for a shorter drive, there is still so much to explore that can easily fill a day trip away from the city.

QUEENSLAND – North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island is only a short drive and ferry away, if you haven’t been there before, this should be on your list. The Island is the second largest sand island in the world, second to the nearby Fraser Island.


The island has five main beaches that are perfect for surfing, snorkelling or swimming. There are freshwater lakes, walking trails through wetlands and along beautiful coastlines, an aboriginal art gallery, and more. You’ll find yourself having to choose between lookout spots and activities to be able to fit the trip into one day, so it’s best to plan ahead and perhaps save some sights for other days. To find out more about what’s on offer at North Stradbroke Island, or the Straddie, go to:

To get to the island you can catch both a water taxi, or if you don’t want to give up your car, there is also a regular car ferry.

PERTH – Rottnest Island

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that QUOKKAS ARE THE MOST ADORABLE THING YOU’LL EVER SEE IN AUSTRALIA!

Though this article is meant to include a day trip outside of Perth where you can enjoy driving in your car, and seeing the landscape roll by, this writer has gone rogue and is telling you that for one day, ditch the car, and take a quick ferry to Rottnest Island. You are only half an hour from seeing an animal so cute, if your childhood doll came to life, filled with your happiest memories, and it was sat next to a quokka, it would be unable to win your love. That is how cute a quokka is. I mean look at it!

25827046014_1bddc71161_z (1)

Are you unconvinced? There are several YouTube videos I am willing to embed in future newsletters and articles to prove how cute these little hoppy fluffs are. Just watch out, you may end up with one on your lap. You’re advised not to touch them, but in many a YouTube video, the occasional curious quokka has been known to hop onto an unsuspecting tourist as they sit down trying to get up and close photos. Some say they are looking for food, I suspect it’s due to an evil intent to test whether human hearts can explode from cute overload, but it’s worth the risk!

As you can see this is already the longest section of the article, so you can be sure that at the time of writing this there was someone in the Pronovate office shirking their duties and looking up last minute flights to Perth.

And if you want a day trip in the car, enjoying the road, and watching the landscape roll by – you can drive out to see Bell’s Rapids in Swan Valley, it’s ok, I guess…

Photo credits:

Jenolan Caves – Flowing Shawls at Jenolan Caves by PermaCultured

Great Otway National Park Victoria – Hopetoun Falls Victoria by Lenny K Photography

North Stradbroke Island – Main Beach – North Stradbroke Island by Paul Welding

Rottnest Island – Quokka! by Potengaround

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