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Get Excited for the Jaguar I-PACE Concept


Whilst Nissan is bringing the competition to Tesla with their low-end electric car offering, the Nissan Leaf, Jaguar is reaching for the relatively untouched, higher end of theelectric vehicle market, with the I-PACE Concept. Though this market won’t be untouched for long, it’s heating up with the announcement of the Mercedes Benz Concept EQ and Audi e-tron Sportback concept.

The I-PACE Concept, with its sleek futuristic exterior, sweeping lines, and ‘dramatic styling’, has all the markings of a luxury vehicle, before popping a look inside to see an interior that continues that careful balance of futurism, luxury and practicality. Design wise, the I-PACE Concept is a bold move for Jaguar and corrects a lot of the mistakes made with the retro-styled S-Series.

But the I-PACE isn’t just looks, this is a car built for performance and speed. Tesla’s are no slouch in either design or performance, but Jaguar is boasting the I-PACE will bring luxury sports to electric SUV’s – but, as with any concept, we’ll see closer to launch if they meet those claims. Currently they are boasting 0-100km/hr in 4 seconds, slower than the Tesla Model X at 3.1.

The first questions we are always asked when it comes to electric cars is about the range, followed by how long it takes to charge. Those were practical concerns when electric cars were first introduced. Charging technology has made massive leaps, and has become far more accessible in Australia – and as you’ll see, range isn’t going to be an issue.

If you first started looking at electric cars in 2012, with the introduction of Tesla’s model S, the general benchmark was a range of 426km on a charge, taking 9.5 hours to charge to full. Charging stations were few and far between.

Home charge times haven’t changed considerably, but now with the growing adoption of EVs (electrical vehicles), supercharging outside of the home is becoming more accessible and you can reduce those times. The I-PACE Concept boasts a charging time of 90 minutes to get to 80% charge on a rapid DC charger, the Tesla promises it can hit that in less, at 40 minutes with their Tesla Supercharger stations.

Why 80%? It’s better for your battery life.

So what about range? It’s creeping up, the 2017 Model S benchmarks at 450km, and the Tesla model X at a higher 565km on a single charge. Jaguar is promising a little less at 500km, but those figures can change as we get closer to launch.

So what really is the Jaguar I-PACE Concept? It’s referred to as an SUV, but also seems to be a bit of a quasi-SUV. It seats five in comparison to the Model X’s possible seven. The I-PACE is built for speed, performance and prestige, and is spurning the utility of an SUV. It still is a concept car, and subject to change, but we are told that this isn’t far from what it’s going to look like at production. Reviews are that it feels far more like a sports car than an SUV.

As with all concepts, time will tell with models set to hit the road in the second half of 2018, but we are excited.

Jaguar I-PACE Concept Race

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