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Are You Ready For A Holiday Car?

Someone forgot to tell these manufacturers that you aren’t meant to post record sales during a pandemic. It’s not all doom and gloom, especially in the car industry. Value for money cars are on the rise in Australia and some car manufactures have bucked the trend and posted better than expected sales figures. The government instant asset tax write off has shown to be very popular, particular for utes and the brand new Toyota HiAce. But what has been great to see is the increase in what the experts are calling “Holiday Cars”. Due to the global pandemic, Australians are being encouraged to holiday at home and this shows when you look at the recent sales increase in SUV’s and value for money cars.

The Nissan Patrol posted an increase in sales for the past three months in a row and whilst deliveries of the Toyota LandCruiser dropped by 10 percent, that was only because all of the showroom and the allocated stock were sold!

Chinese car manufacturer, MG, has again posted an increase in sales (up 36 percent from last year). With their MG3 Auto Core Hatch starting from $16,100 driveaway, and their most expensive offering, the MG HS Essence, starting at $38,990 driveaway, it seems that people are starting to take notice of a good value proposition.

The term “Holiday Car” sums up the Suzuki Jimny. A City SUV that is highly capable of handling Australia’s rugged terrain, but also squeezing into tight inner-city parking spots. This is another car that the demand is exceeding availability. A fun car with a lot of history, it is easy to see why people are flocking to get an order in.

Mitsubishi seems to have found themselves a winner with the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. A ute-based SUV with the option to have five or seven seats is proving a popular choice with families that like to get out and travel. The recent arrival of the updated model, including a much-needed facelift, has seen sales increase by 29 percent.

With excess stock and dealerships looking to empty showroom floors, your brand new car is yours for the taking at record low prices. Just think how jealous the neighbours will be to see your sparkling pride and joy sitting in the driveway.

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