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When Getting a New Car Means More Money In Your Pocket

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and if you listen closely enough, Michael Bublé and Maria Carey are waking up from their hibernation to fill our ears with soulful and catchy Christmas tunes.

The lead up to Christmas is always an expensive and stressful time of year but ProNovate can help you free up the equity in your current car and step you into the new car you have been thinking about. One of the biggest reasons our clients love us is the huge discounts we receive on new cars, through our fleet network. We can also help you trade in your current car and the money you make from the sale of your car goes straight into your back pocket, tax free! What better timing to have that cash injection to use on a holiday, theme parks or presents for the family?

We also find that with the warmer months, people want to upgrade their cars to avoid overheating and comfort issues. There is no quicker way to ruin a holiday being caught on the side of the road, spending thousands to repair your car. The piece of mind having a brand new car, with all the latest safety features and creature comforts is what ProNovate can help you with.

A Novated Lease with ProNovate will give you access to fleet discounts, fantastic tax savings, pre-tax benefits and the ease and convenience of knowing that your lease is being managed by people with years of industry knowledge and by people who genuinely care about you. There is a reason 9 out of 10 clients refer their friends, family, and colleagues to ProNovate.

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