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New Car “Protection Packages”

Ever bought a new car and then soon after signing the contract you received a phone call from the dealership, offering car protection packages? You wouldn’t be alone if you were offered such up-sells, and you certainly wouldn’t be alone if you ended up paying thousands for it.



Paint Protection

Unless your car was painted in the 1980’s, there are very few reasons to purchase Paint Protection for your brand new car. It’s easy to fall in love with a brand new car even before you take delivery of it, so the concept of purchasing a paint protection product can be an easy trap to fall into.

Paint protection in itself can sometimes cost anywhere between $1,000 to $3,000. What many people don’t understand is that you can purchase paint protective wax and microfiber cloths from your local car care store for around $50. If you wash your car regularly, and wax it every 6 months you shouldn’t worry about your car’s paint. Remember also that your new car has warranty on it (sometimes up to 10 years on the body), so you should not have issues with your new car’s paint if you look after it.

Speak to your ProNovate Consultant about setting up an appropriate car wash budget based on your vehicle size and desired car wash frequency.  Remember that the car wash budget is pre-paid, and can be in tax-free dollars through the ProNovate Car Care Plan!

Extended Dealer Warranties

Extended Warranties can be great, however before accepting this (which can often cost you thousands), make sure that you read the detail provided by the dealership. Usually a dealer-backed warranty will require you to get your vehicle serviced from the same specific dealership, which then offers them the opportunity to increase their costs for servicing.

Remember also that by missing a scheduled service can result in the warranty becoming void, and it has been found in some cases where claims have been attempted, that the claims were rejected due to the dealership’s reasoning, e.g. “misuse of the vehicle”.

ProNovate can help you by providing Assured Extended Warranty Insurance that is transferrable to the new owner of the vehicle should you sell your car within the warranty period. This can also help with your resale ability and will give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle can be covered in times of need.

Speak to your ProNovate Consultant today to enquire about Assured Extended Warranty and get a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement.

Rust Protection

New cars are already rustproofed, so don’t get fooled into forking out more money into something that shouldn’t be a problem anyway. Most new cars undertake strenuous Australian Standards testing in adverse conditions and as such even the manufacturer’s service contracts won’t say that it’s essential for it to be done, so unless you live by the seaside there’s no need to undertake further rustproofing measures.

Fabric Protection

Quite simply you can pick up a bottle of fabric protector aerosol for $21.99 from your local car care store, so be mindful of this if your dealership offers you fabric protection for $500!

Remember that if you purchase your new car through the Fleet Department then you will not be hassled by pesky after-sales people trying to up-sell you. Speak with ProNovate today about how our vehicle purchasing process can take the stress out of buying a new car.

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