New Year’s Resolution – Reduce your Vehicle Costs!

It’s a New Year and many of us have a host of New Year’s Resolutions planned. It might be to become more healthy, get a promotion at work, go on that long overdue overseas holiday, or perhaps to achieve a particular financial goal. But have you considered updating your car to reduce your expenses and improve your overall financial position?


There are many new vehicles being release in early 2016 and with it comes an opportunity to update your car. First thoughts on this idea are traditionally associated with increased costs and reduction in cash flow, however ProNovate can show you how you can update your car AND enjoy many benefits by doing so:


  1. New car for less money

A brand new version of your car can cost you the same (or even less) than your current car.

This sounds crazy, however consider your existing vehicle that you are currently financing from 4 years ago. You could get a brand new version of that same car paying it off at a better rate, which will allow you to have a brand new version of your same car, for less than what you are currently paying.

  1. Put a stop to the running cost maelstrom

The ProNovate Car Care Plan helps people to budget their vehicle running costs. The same amount if collected from your pre-tax salary every month, and in turn all your running costs are covered, including access to a fuel card and live access to your running cost budgets and spending patterns through the ProNovate mobile App.

  1. Reduce your running costs

With cost of living forever on the rise, the ProNovate Car Care Plan allows Australians to significantly reduce the running costs thanks to significant tax benefits which are automatically calculated for you.

With average savings of around $986 per year on petrol alone, and additional tax savings on insurance, registration, tyres, car washes and maintenance, it’s amazing how much people are saving on all of their running costs through the Car Care Plan.

  1. Release your Equity

Picture a bucket of water with a small hole in the bottom, with the water slowly escaping. This same concept can be applied to vehicles as they depreciate. By selling your car now you can capitalise on the market value of your vehicle now, whilst then achieving significant savings through the Car Care Plan on your new car.

And thanks to ProNovate’s vehicle forecasting models, we can assist you to avoid any negative equity experience on your new car, to ensure that you stand the best chance possible of walking away with a tax-free profit!

  1. Improved Running Costs

It goes without saying that new vehicles these days have much improved fuel economy thanks to ongoing research and development by vehicle manufacturers. This, together competitive capped-price servicing plans allow people to better manage their vehicle running cost budgets.

To find out more on how you can save on your vehicle expenses, simply fill in the form below and our Consultants will be happy to assist!

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