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ProNovate’s Road Trip Checklist

Heading away for a family holiday over the Christmas period? The car is packed and the kids are strapped in, but before you head on off on your journey here are 10 helpful tips ProNovate has to ensure that your road trip is safe and enjoyable:

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  1. A good night’s sleep – Make sure that you get a good night’s sleep the night before your trip. Energy drinks and coffee may not necessarily be the best for you to stay awake during your trip as these can often recede with time. Changing drivers regularly can also help.


  1. Service your car – A quick service on your car is critical before you go on a long trip. Checking the vehicle’s brakes, fluids and belts are essential before you set off on your adventure.


  1. Check your tyres – Ensure your tyres have enough tread and the balance is correct. You can do this yourself at most service centres however if you need assistance, just call into your locate mechanic. Remember also to check your spare tyre!


  1. First Aid Kit – Most manufacturers can sell you a first aid kit to custom fit in your luggage department. If you already have your car and don’t have the first aid kit with delivery, make sure you pack Band-Aids, a bandage or two, sterile swabs and scissors. Alternatively you can purchase a Vehicle First Aid Kit direct from St Johns Ambulance for around $65 which will include all of the essential contents.


  1. Roadside Assistance – Roadside assistance goes without saying. Make sure you know who your roadside assistance plan is through, and be sure to save the number in your phone! If you are travelling with a partner, put the number in your partner’s phone so that you can still access the roadside assistance hotline if your own phone runs out of battery.


  1. Pack Smart – Make sure that you don’t overload your car. Its ideal if you have visibility out your back window, and all luggage is secure in case you need to brake suddenly. Also remember your vehicle’s load carrying capacity (call ProNovate if you are not sure what it is), and that heavy loads can affect your vehicle’s fuel consumption.


  1. Plan your stops – It is highly recommended to pace your trip and stop every 2 hours to revive, even if you’re not feeling tired. This is also a perfect excuse for the kids to stretch their legs to ensure that the trips in the car a peaceful and less stressful. Make sure you plan your trip so that you know where you can stop for coffee breaks and meals. This can also be a great excuse to enjoy some scenic areas and make the most out of your trip.


  1. Fuel – Do you know where the fuel stations are along your trip? Planning your fuel stops is critical and remember that the ProNovate App also has a fuel station locator. In addition, thanks to the Apps features you can fill up at any service station and enjoy an overnight reimbursement back into your account!


  1. Be Sun smart – It’s easy to get sun burnt in the car, especially as you can’t move around to avoid the sun. Make sure you wear sun screen, have plenty of water for you and the family, wear sunglasses and a hat. If you have young passengers in the back, sun visors can help block out those nasty rays.


  1. Enjoy the trip! Make sure there’s plenty of music that everyone will enjoy, snacks, and drinks. Books or tablets can be great to keep the kids amused, and there’s always great driving games such as ‘spotto’ – have a list of items and assign someone to keep score!

We hope that these tips are helpful and would like to wish all our clients a very safe and enjoyable journey over the festive season!

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