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Pro’s and Con’s of Owning a Convertible

When the sun’s out and the weather is warm, there is nothing better than driving around in a convertible car with the top down. But when the colder months hit and the rain sets in, you might be considering if your purchase of a convertible was your best idea.

Here we are going to look at the pro’s and con’s of owning a convertible including aspects such as safety and space provided in the vehicle.




  • The side impact protection is a higher standard than ordinary cars. The body and doors of a convertible have added reinforcements to make up for the loss of the structural support that comes from a roof.
  • The look! Nothing makes a person more jealous than seeing a convertible car drive past them with the top down on a beautiful, sunny day
  • There’s no need to use the door when the top is down. Just jump right over the side and you’re in your car!
  • With the top down, there are minimal blind spots making it easier to mauver and park your car
  • You have the option to go with a hard top or a soft top, whichever you prefer


  • Soft top convertibles are more likely to be broken into than hard top convertibles or ordinary cars. The material tops are an easy access hatch for thieves with sharp knives.
  • The weather changes and you can get caught in a downpour of rain! The interior of a convertible is also more directly in the sun, which takes its toll and ages the interior quicker
  • Convertibles don’t offer the same amount of protection in a rolling crash as ordinary cars do
  • Even with the top up, a convertible can be a very noisy car to ride in. The cloth and vinyl on a soft top are too thin to isolate the noise that comes from the outside of the vehicle when driving around.
  • A hard top convertible takes up more space in your boot when it is stored away


Now that the main pros and cons have been outlined, you can make your decision on whether owning a convertible car is right for you.

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