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New Provisional Driver Laws in New South Wales

The laws surrounding the use of  mobile phones whilst driving for NSW Provisional drivers has changed as of December 1st 2016. These laws are something that everyone should know about so that a member of your family isn’t caught out.


From the 1st of December 2016, P2 drivers in NSW were no longer allowed to use a mobile phone at all whilst driving or riding. A spike in phone related road crashes and deaths has spurred the NSW government to make these changes.

Before the 1st of December, P2 drivers could use a mobile phone if it could be operated without touching any part of the phone such as using it though Bluetooth or when it was in a cradle that was fixed to a vehicle and didn’t obscure the drivers view of the road.

The new laws state that provisional drivers are not allowed to use their mobile phone at all whist functioning a moving vehicle. This includes using the phone via a vehicle Bluetooth system, hands free or using the GPS function of the phone.

If a provisional driver needs to use GPS whilst driving, a navigation system needs to be purchased.

To use a phone whilst in a vehicle, provisional drivers must pull their vehicle over to the side of the road in a safe spot, turn off the vehicle engine and take the keys out of the ignition.

Using a phone whilst driving can incur a fine of $325 and 4 demerit points and mobile phone offences are included in double demerit point periods.

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