Save at LEAST 40 Cents Per Litre on Fuel!

We’ve all been there before. Foraging around to find that elusive fuel voucher from the supermarket in desperate hope to save 4 cents off per litre to reduce the cost of fuel. This month ProNovate share’s its secret on how to save at LEAST 40 cents off per litre every time you fill up, no matter what fuel station you use or where you buy your groceries from.

There can be many ways to save on ProNovate’s Car Care Plan, however the fuel saving alone is so attractive it will no doubt relieve some financial anxiety that we can all relate to. Here’s how it works:


The Car Care Plan is a form of ‘Novated Lease’, which essentially allows anyone who is employed full time to enjoy significant tax savings, no matter what type of work they are in or how they use their car.

Each month your employer recovers the same fixed amount from your pay, which covers all of your vehicle expenses. This means that your vehicle costs are paid with pre-tax dollars, because generally businesses do not pay GST or Personal Income Tax. Given that your fuel is therefore pre-paid each week, ProNovate provides you with a fuel card and the rest is easy.

Let’s assume that the pump price is advertised at $1.35 per litre, and your annual salary is $60,000. With ProNovate, each time you will up you would be saving around 55 cents per litre thanks to the GST and income tax savings.

Likewise if the advertised pump price is $1.40 per litre, and your annual salary is $80,000, then you would be saving around 67 cents per litre in tax savings!

Rod Wilson, Managing Director of ProNovate explains “with an ever-increasing cost of living in Australia it has become more important for people to re-evaluate the way that they pay for their fuel.” He added “thankfully this method of saving is available for all Australians with full time employment, it’s not reserved for top earners or people who would normally use their vehicle for business use.”

To see how much you could be saving on the running costs of your vehicle, contact ProNovate today on 1300 000 PRO (776), or simply fill out the form below:

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