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Shell Fuel Card Awarded 5-Stars

The Shell Card just got a five-star customer satisfaction rating by Canstar Blue winning Shell the title of Most Satisfied Customers. Shell was a standout winner in Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction survey, ranking top points across all fields – Customer Service, Number of Petrol Stations, Account Management, Fuel Discounts, Fees and Charges, Invoicing and Overall Satisfaction.

There were some interesting key findings from their research, beyond Shells win. 82% of the fuel card holders surveyed by Canstar Blue stated that they closely monitor their usage and fuel costs. 73% admitted fuel price was a major concern. It’s not entirely unexpected, but what it is confirming is that it’s more than ‘a lot’ of people concerned about fuel costs and prices, it’s a vast majority. It showed some key info for us at ProNovate to make sure you stay happy.


BP had been the previous winner two times over, and this year has been knocked down two spots. Caltex has maintained a close second, of course Shell had taken the top spot. Winners are swapping spots fast, so an easy win for us for you is to make sure you have a choice of the top contenders to get the access to the best fuel prices on your most common routes.

Additional Benefits

The most important feature listed is Frequent Flyer points, but in general if there is a way to get additional monetary benefits from the fuel card on top of fuel savings, then you want it! It’s great to know that fuel card users are actively seeking additional benefits, and it confirms to us that we should be keeping an eye out for additional promotions from fuel card providers.


That’s about it. To find out more about Shells five-star ranking in Customer Satisfaction you can check out Canstar Blue’s page here. To find out more about how you can save 40c per litre on fuel, you can go here. To let us know what you think, get in touch.


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