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Sydney Winter Getaway Ideas

We are well into winter, and though we have had bursts of gorgeous summer like days, it’s only set to get colder for July and August – so, here are some winter getaway ideas to get the most out of the shift in weather.

Jenolan Caves by Michael and Franzie Nelson

Jenolan Caves

Just because it’s not beach weather it doesn’t mean that you can’t get outdoors and do something active. An expedition to the Jenolan Caves affords you the chance to see the Blue Mountains, Katoombah, as well as see one of the most beautiful cave systems in the southern hemisphere. Quickly you’ll find your body warms up as you move through the cave and out of any crosswinds, even on a cold day where you would have originally preferred to be snuggled up in a blanket in bed. The cave system stays at a constant 15 degrees Celsius all year long, so once you get there it would feel the same regardless of the time of year. It is truly beautiful, and worth the adventure.

Wollemi Wilderness Treehouse

Book a Cabin Night Away – fireplace preferred!

If it’s going to be winter, embrace it! Book a cabin for a weekend away. Enjoy a winter escape, either romantic, or with family and friends. Enjoy a rural location where the days can pass a little slower, and enjoy peace and relaxation. Instead of just recommending one, we found a list of cabins that we love, particularly the the idea of staying in a luxury treehouse! Check out this list by Concrete Playground for ideas.

Photo by Murray Foubister

Get to the Snow!

It’s currently peak season for skiing, lasting until early September. July and August make great months to escape for a trip to the snow. This would be great for a week-long getaway and is perfect for a mid-year break. Why turn down the opportunity for several days of skiing and warm cider by a fire? It does make for a slightly more expensive getaway, especially during peak demand. For the price conscious among us, we can personally recommend booking a cabin with friends/family. It can be a great experience, there are cabins for bigger groups that include additional amenities such as spa’s and sauna’s, saves money per head and can be a great social event.

Photo by Robert Montgomery


Fine dining, the Southern Highlands wine trail, waterfalls, the Milkhouse contemporary art gallery, beautiful gardens, gorgeous hikes, and fancy accommodation – including a six story mansion if you want to get a little opulent. There is plenty to do, plenty to experience, and you can tailor your experiences to suit a cheap weekend getaway to country lux. Plan ahead, but for a small country town it can cater to both experiences if you know where to go.




Some lists also include Wollongong in their recommendations, but ours won’t…



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