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Have you ever been in an Uber, Ola or Taxi and noticed the red light coming off a device suction capped to the window? Believe it or not, you aren’t alone in wondering. Dashboard mounted cameras (Dash Cams) are an ever-growing trend in Australia and whilst they have been around for a few years, the numbers are only increasing.

What is the purpose of a Dash Cam?

Dash Cams can be a very useful tool to help protect you, your family, innocent members of the public and the police in the instance of a road related incident. Dash Cams provide unbiased evidence and clear proof of an event that has taken place. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a crash, the footage from your Dash Cam can be used as evidence should a dispute [...]


Whilst Nissan is bringing the competition to Tesla with their low-end electric car offering, the Nissan Leaf, Jaguar is reaching for the relatively untouched, higher end of theelectric vehicle market, with the I-PACE Concept. Though this market won’t be untouched for long, it’s heating up with the announcement of the Mercedes Benz Concept EQ and Audi e-tron Sportback concept.

The I-PACE Concept, with its sleek futuristic exterior, sweeping lines, and ‘dramatic styling’, has all the markings of a luxury vehicle, before popping a look inside to see an interior that continues that careful balance of futurism, luxury and practicality. Design wise, the I-PACE Concept is a bold move for Jaguar and corrects a lot of the mistakes made with the retro-styled S-Series.

But the I-PACE isn’t just looks, this is a [...]

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