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The Last of the Falcons

This is it, the last show. The curtains are drawing a close, the audience is full of applause, and chanting that they want one last encore. Ford have obliged and given their fans a final special-edition Falcon XR6 Turbo and XR8 known as the ‘Sprint’.


With the Australian-built Falcon set to be finished by October 2016, the Blue Oval have decided to go out with a bang, ensuring that they will no doubt leave a mark on Australia’s motoring history that cannot be ignored.

The Sprint badge is a throwback to heritage of the Falcon, including the 1993 ED XR8 of which only 300 examples were built. Like the original special-edition, the new Sprint branded Falcons will each enjoy more power, bigger breaks, and some unique styling changes such as Sprint embroidery on the interior trim, Sprint badging, and unique build plaque.

Power outputs have not yet been confirmed, however the XR6 Turbo is expected to reach at least 310kw/565Nm, sharing the same motor as the discontinued FPV F6. The XR8 on the other hand is expected to reach beyond 335kW/570Nm.

With such huge power outputs, the stopping ability will also be refined, with Brembos fitted to the front and rear. The suspension has also been developed to improve the handling.

Ford President and CEO Graeme Whickman explained “The Falcon XR Sprint is aligned to the understated look of our notable historic performance Falcons; they will be styled with design and dynamic influences that are distinctly different in feel, presence and execution.” Whickhman continued “The XR Sprint will be a limited-edition series and one we think will be highly regarded by our Falcon fans. Ultimately too, like many of our performance Fords, we expect it to be a highly collectible car.”

It is expected that the Sprints will appear in Ford showrooms in April, but is expected to be hot property.

Que Sera, Sera.


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