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Riding in Cars with Good Boys

According to the RSPCA, there are over 29 million pets in Australia,. That means we have some of the highest pet ownerships in the world. 40% of Australians have a dog as their furry companion with 27% choosing cats. You don’t have to look any further than Instagram and Facebook to see how much love there is for our 4-legged friends.

As a paws-itively pet loving office, this got us thinking about travelling with pets, in particular dogs. After long discussions, plenty of horrible animal puns and animated arguments about whether cats or dogs make better pets (Im-paws-ible to decide), we have put together a ruff (last one, I promise) list of the best cars for pets and some tips when travelling with pets.

Best Cars for Your Pet

Nissan X-Trail

Nissan’s most popular car in 2019 was the Nissan X-Trail and its not hard to see why. With comfortable rear seats and very generous boot space, it is clear to see why this is a pet owners’ favourite. Funnily enough, in the UK and Japan, there have been specific dog accessories developed for the Nissan X-Trail. Dubbed the PAW Pack, it comes with a foldaway dog ramp, boot liner, dog bed and seatback tidy to hold your other accessories. So much is there commitment to traveling with your dog, they released a concept X-Trail for dogs.

Honda Jazz

You’re probably wondering why a hatchback is on this list. While it might not be ideal for your large breed of dogs, the Honda Jazz and its magic seat system allows for plenty of functionality. With the freedom of configuration in the seats, this makes it ideal for your dog to stretch out and to feel comfortable.

Land Rover Discovery

I’m sure you all saw this coming. Even dogs like to travel in comfort and there is a reason this car is like a second home to golden retrievers across the country. Boasting plenty of room in the back seats and even more boot space with the third row down, your dog will find it comfortable and luxurious. Just like Nissan, Land Rover offers a range of Pet Packs to keep your furry friend safe.

Subaru Forester

If you have ever driven a Subaru Forester, you will understand the feeling of driving around with the panoramic windows. This provides generous visibility for both you and your dog. It is another space-friendly medium SUV so you won’t have any problems with room and comfort.

Tips for Travelling with Pets

We want you and your dog to have a safe and calm experience when travelling in the car. With advice from our resident pet owners, we have complied a list of our recommendations.

Restraining your dog

“It is a good idea to make sure your dog is restrained at all times. Not only for their safety but also for the driver’s safety” – Michael (Consultant).

A roaming dog can cause a distraction and hold unwarranted risks. The laws vary from state to state when restraining dogs, however in most states an unrestrained dog can result in a fine and loss of demerit points. It is best to check your local roads authority on the fines specific to your state or territory.

If your dog is travelling in the tray of a ute, your dog must be caged or properly tethered to avoid any accidents.

Air Flow and Light

“There is no better sight than a dog hanging its head out of the window, lapping up the fresh air in their flappy cheeks” – Khali (Senior Client Service Officer).

Ensuring your dog has access to fresh air and good ventilation throughout the car will result in a happier dog. You want your dog to experience the same levels of light and ventilation they would normally experience in their home life.

Frequent Stops

If you are going on a long drive, make sure take plenty of stops to allow your dog to stretch out, have a bathroom break and drink some water – Reece (Consultant)

Seat Covers

Whether you have a long haired or short haired dog, you will end up with hair throughout your car. Using a dog specific seat cover will help catch some of the hair. It could also provide extra comfort for your pooch if you have leather seats. It will prevent your dog from sliding around. – Jennifer (General Manager – Sales)


This is probably the best tip we can provide. Enjoy travelling with your pets, they are a valued member of your family and you can never spend too much time with them. Just think about how excited they are! Take the time to stop and enjoy the moments. – Rod (Managing Director)

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